Why does Justin's use palm oil? Is it sustainably sourced?

The reason that we use palm oil is because it is a Non-GMO, non-hydrogenated oil that acts as a stabilizer and reduces oil separation. This means less stirring for you every time you dip into a jar! Adding other liquid oils wouldn't stabilize the nut butters and would increase the oil layer at the top of the jar.

From the beginning, Justin's has been focused on the responsible sourcing of all our ingredients, including our palm oil, and we are constantly pushing the supply chain for advancements in this area. We are members of the RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm), which currently represents about 20% of the total palm oil supply. The RSPO encourages sustainable growing practices and human rights initiatives at the farm level, while promoting education about the cultivation and use of certified sustainable palm oil. RSPO is the leading organization to date for sustainably sourced palm oil and Justin's is proud to be among the companies who are actively involved and invested in supporting these initiatives. To learn more about RSPO's certification standards, click here.

All of our Certified Organic palm oil in our peanut butter cups is sourced from Central and South America and is certified under a fully traceable supply chain model. The palm oil used in our nut butter jars and squeeze packs is also certified sustainable under a mixed supply chain model. In addition to their RSPO membership, all of our palm oil suppliers have built their own independent sustainability policies, and the mass balance suppliers have plans to be fully traceable by 2020. To learn more about Justin's sustainable palm oil journey, click here.

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