Why does my nut butter cup have dry or powdery filling?

JUSTIN'S® Certified Organic nut butter cups are extra special due to being free of preservatives or hydrogenated oils. This cleaner ingredient label makes them more sensitive to confectionery quality concerns. For this, we recommend that our nut butter cups are stored below 65° F and kept away from heat or direct sunlight.
Based on our internal research, we have determined that exposure to higher temperatures can create a less than perfect cup. Though these cups don't look or taste the way we would like, please note that they are still safe to consume. 
We work hard to ensure that our candy is made and transported in temperature-controlled environments, but once it leaves our facility we cannot always guarantee that it is properly handled. If you come across dry nut butter cups, please let us know where you purchased it, the best by date and lot code and we will work with our retail distribution partners to prevent this from happening in the future. We are also happy to send you a replacement coupon if you can provide your mailing address. 

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