Ingredients & Allergens

Ingredients & Allergens
  • Does Justin's offer an organic nut butter?

    Our peanut butter cups are made with organic ingredients. While our nut butters are not certified organic, some are made with organic ingredients. At this time, we do not source organic nuts for our nut butters, however Justin’s is committed to mindfully sourcing ingredients. If you have any additional questions, we’d love to hear your thoughts!
  • Are the Snack Packs gluten free?

    Our NEW Peanut Butter + Banana Chip Snack Packs are also certified by the GFCO with a certification stamp displayed on the packaging, however, it is made on shared equipment with our Nut Butter + Pretzel Snack Packs, which contain wheat-based pretzels paired with our nut butters. A sanitation process is performed between each production run, however, as a precautionary measure we include “contains trace amounts of gluten” for allergies and those avoiding gluten. 

  • Do the pretzels contain barley?

    The ingredient statement for the pretzel is: wheat flour, malt extract, non-gmo canola oil, salt, yeast, soda. The malt extract is produced from malted barley.